Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect
Photo-A-Day #1563

Helped Dad this morning move a holly tree, Rhododendron bush and then another Holly Tree. My Dad and sister Tara have some wicked green thumbs because generally whatever they plant grows like crazy. We were moving the plants to continue to regain a bit of privacy across the way. The holly trees will fill in like shrubs and can be trimmed the same way. Eventually they will build up to a decent privacy height again.

While we were moving the trees we were talking about another tree that Dad planted some years back around the time when the house behind us was totally remodeled and when all was said and done they added a second floor and our privacy was invaded by anyone standing on the 2nd floor deck of that new addition. So around the time soon after Dad bought a new tree. The new tree was planted around April 2005 (we were speculating on the dates). Basically his $300 investment now stands at $3,000 or so. I went back through the archives tonight because I remember when he planted that tree because I took a photo of it soon after it was planted. I should have taken a reference shot had I been thinking of my previous post: Dad’s New Tree.

While looking for that post and photo I ran across this one Been to Shit’s Creek. I don’t think that Dad was reading the blog back then but he might feel that enough time has passed to read the post and laugh now. If you’d like to laugh a little (especially at the top 10 list) check it out too!

Oh and the photo is of some roses that have since died but were clinging to a fence in the area where we planted the new holly trees. I just liked how it looked, should have taken off the dead flower part and kept the star leaves.

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4 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect”

  1. Can you explain more “Basically his $300 investment now stands at $3,000 or so.”

    I don’t understand has he been spending more money on the tree in pruning and fertilizer cost? Has the tree caused damage (ie the roots getting into the sewer and causing an issue)

    Or has the tree appreciated in value from $300 to $3000?

  2. stephen,
    appreciated in value. If you were to buy a tree that is at the size it is now it would be about a $3,000 tree, not to mention the value of having more privacy.

  3. $300 is okie to invest about a tree. actually, sometimes, my father spend money much more than that for a tree. that like a good habit.

  4. Roses looks so beautiful when they bloom from a bud to a flower but every beautiful flowers has their own time.

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