Pet of the Week – Maya – Adoptable through the North Attleboro Animal Shelter

“MAYA”- Spayed Female- Shorthaired- all Black. Approx: 1 year.

“I was a stray for most of my life – I had a family once but they abandoned me. Life was tough – winters were cold, summers were unbearable with the heat, no food or shelter. Well, spring came and so did my kittens. I brought my family to a wooded area behind a house. Luckily, a nice lady saw us and started feeding us. Eventually we went into those wire boxes for our food and the door shut behind us. Next thing you know we were at the shelter. My kittens have all found homes and now its my turn. I am very shy since its been so long since anyone wanted me but they tell me I’m workable with the right special family. I may be a ‘ghost cat’ for a while but with lots of love and some time to adjust I should be ok. I’m still young and will give it my all. No worries, no stress, no trouble and a life indoors – that’s what I want. So come along and see me, and my shiny black coat, and Siamese looking face”

You can find me for adoption at The North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

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6 thoughts on “Pet of the Week – Maya – Adoptable through the North Attleboro Animal Shelter”

  1. Hey Julie,
    I actually go to the shelter every other week or so and take a bunch of photos of the animals. I post them all to Flickr and add information about each one of them. Then each week I use the blog this function from Flickr to blog the photo and post. So nothing automated here. It is all me.

  2. Ms. Music,
    Shelters are very important, the way we treat animals and those who are in need of our help and care reflects our humanity. If we treat people poorly or animals with cruelty then we are less human.

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