Buzznet is down right now so I’m posting here first.

This is the margarita bucket. Very tasty, albeit my weekend nemesis. I had this bucket prepared and in the freezer for 8 hours, not one ice crystal. Then we drink half of it, leave it in the freezer over night and it freezes solid. So we leave it on the counter and finally it gets to the slushy consistency we know and love from a frozen margarita.

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No Responses to “Photo-A-Day #170 09/25/05”

  1. andycamp says:

    Glad to hear the bucket finally froze. Now the proverbial question is which is better a bucket of liquid Margurita mix or a bucket of Margarita mix frozen solid. Perhaps we should have a poll

  2. Drew says:

    Well the frozen ended up turning to slush quickly so I would say that was easier since I didn’t have to put it in the blender and later wash said blender.