This weekend I picked up Altenator Swerve. That is the red corvette, and he came with the flame and Autobot symbol sticker. But that sticker belongs to Tracks. The blue corvette is Tracks. The black one is Ravage.

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No Responses to “Photo-A-Day #178 10/03/05”

  1. Kym Rohman says:

    dood… those are some sweet rides! Thanks for the comments on my flickr. Loving the photo-a-day. I’m trying to win over more converts – it’s like reality TV peeking every day in somebody else’s life. Love it.

    I think i remember you guys because you said Chris was sitting with you – i think we stole him from ya…next time we’ll all sit together!

  2. Drew says:

    Yeah you guys did steal him away from us. :-) But then again I kicked him out of my seat. :-)

    If you come up for the December 5th show, we should hang out.

    Great job on your photo-a-day. You are now on the Photo-A-Day list.