Photo-A-Day #200 10/25/05

Wow 200 photos. This means I have 165 photos left to go this year. This has been a great project and lots of fun.

I am in Baxter, Minnesota. The photo pretty much sums it up. I was up at 4:45 this morning checking the flights at PVD and making sure I would be flying out this later that morning. My flight from PVD to ORD was fine. I was in a window and had no one next to me in the middle seat. Then I flew from ORD to FAR, the flight was delayed a bit but we eventually got going. I was next to nervous leg shaking guy the whole way but luckily I fell asleep a few times. When I landed in Fargo, North Dakota I got in the rental car and headed for Baxter, Minnesota. The directions said 3 hours and 39 minutes. Luckily that was an overestimate, However I did not get to Baxter till about 4:00pm central. So I have essentially covered hundreds maybe over a thousand miles sitting in a cabin on my butt today. My demo is first thing in the morning and then a ride back to Fargo for an early flight on Wednesday morning. Glamorous, I know.

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