Why is a package of boxer briefs today’s Photo-A-Day? Look closely, notice something that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense? Resealable bag for your purchased underwear! Who was the marketing genius behind this one. I can just picture the boardroom now.

Joe: “Okay we need something to tell the consumer that these are fresh pairs of underwear. Bob, what is that you are eating?”

Bob: “Duh, a sandwich…”

Joe: “Sandwich, well I bet it is fresh isn’t it!”

Bob: “Uh, yeah… I made it this morning and sealed it in a ziploc bag.”

Joe: “And… can you seal it once it has been opened?”

Bob: “Yeah Joe, it is a resealable ziploc sandwich bag.”

Joe: “A RESEALABLE Bag! To preserve freshness.”

Bob: “Joe where are you going with this?”

Joe: “Don’t you see, we can put our underwear in RESEALABLE bags to show that they are fresh.”

Bob: “That is so stupid it may work! I declare, RESEALABLE bags for all of our products that will never go back into their original packaging. Brilliant!”

Joe: “Really, you like my proposal.”

Bob: “No, you’re fired! *But we’ll make ’em anyway*.”

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