Photo-A-Day #212 11/06/05

Buzznet is being a pain in the neck lately so I am manually posting this image.

Today Allison and I took our Wedding Crash Course Dance lessons. Did I remember to bring the camera, no. There are many reasons why this was forgotten even though I thought about it all day long. And when we got there it would have been a great place for photos. Well, lit, lots of mirrors. Just would have been awesome, well, instead I got this, the shoes that we danced in on our kitchen floor. I guess planning for a wedding and the last week before makes you forget a few things.

The place we took the lessons from was called Best Foot Forward. Sara and Norm were great instructors. They were so nice and so patient with everyone. By the time we were done with the 2 1/2 hour Wedding Crash Course we were moving very gracefully. I think we will be ready for Saturday. Things like this are making us so very excited because it is really bringing it home that we are only a week away. Another thing that tells me that the wedding is coming up soon is the number of checks we are writing from the wedding account.

While at the Wedding Crash Course another couple asked about our wedding song, which is Words by Ellis Paul. They loved it and so do we, the instructors even played it twice for us. Thanks Sara and Norm!

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