Photo-A-Day #218 11/12/05, originally uploaded by abennett96.

Our Wedding Day! I took today’s Photo-A-Day this morning at 6:35am. That is the last picture I am allowed to take today. The photographer will now become the subject. Well, it is here, the big day. Many thoughts and emotions are running through my mind. I know a couple of things; I am making the best decision of my life to marry Allison, I am surrounded by friends and family that love us, and I had better take a moment to really see the day.

In the foreground are some antique cufflinks that belonged to my Great Uncle Richard Belanger. I am wearing them today and my Dad is going to wear a matching pair. I am glad that my mother gave them to me because I can feel that a part of Great Uncle Richard is with us today. Great Uncle Richard loved parties and loved to take pictures rather than be the subject himself. Kinda like someone else I know…

And since today is the wedding day I can now reveal the wedding rings. These were a gift from my Uncle Rich. He has been so generous to us and has helped me pick some very beautiful jewelry for Allison over the years.

So wish us luck as we take the next step in our lives.

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3 Responses to “Photo-A-Day #218 11/12/05”

  1. Alain says:

    As a cufflinks webstore owner, I have to say. Those are some REALLY nice cufflinks 🙂 A little jealous over here 😉

  2. The BenSpark says:

    Thanks very much. They are very sentimental and I loved that I could wear them for my wedding. I have a matching tie clip as well.

  3. […] three years have certainly flown on by. Looking back at our wedding day and through or wedding album (which we still haven’t made into a physical one) I can’t […]

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