Photo-A-Day #229 11/23/05

We’re back home. And were greeted by Snow this morning. Yikes. Granted when I returned last night I was wearing shorts. Allison at least had the sense to were pants before we left Aruba. Neil was great and he picked us up at the airport and we had dinner with Neil and Andrea at Box Seats. Thanks for everything Neil.

Man, there is so much to talk about. To tell you about the island and how much fun we had there. To post pictures of the wedding, the honeymoon and all things that have gone on in the past 9 days. I need to post up my 9 photos a day that I took during the honeymoon. I am so appreciative to all the help that nine very special people did while Allison and I were gone. The Guest Photo-A-Dayer’s. Did you enjoy their stuff? We certainly did! Thanks also very much to Mo for posting everything to the blog too.

Allison and I were greeted with this sign that Jenn made for us to welcome us home. Jenn took care of Oliver and Duncan for the week and was a great cat sitter. The boys are none the worse for wear.

I’ll be posting photos as soon as we get them together. Check out the new sidebar for Photo-A-Day. Buzznet certainly stepped up to make a great tag.

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