On my drive back from Texas to Little Rock Arkansas (yep I had the flight cancelled and opted for the open road. I have now been at my hotel for an hour and had I waited to take the flight I’d possibly be boarding the plane in an hour and a half (In Dallas). As I drove along I saw signs for this place (Ramage Farms) and well, being the BBQ buff that I am I had to stop. Yeah, they had good BBQ. With a little snack out of the way I continued on to Little Rock and to dinner at the Flying Fish (Photo-A-Day #234). Nice little place, they have one whole giant wall covered with the singing Billy Bass. The whole way to Little Rock I saw the sky turn amazing colors with the sunset. Which was much better than yesterday getting blinded by the sun driving to Mesquite Texas.

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No Responses to “Photo-A-Day #236 11/30/05”

  1. Kym Rohman says:

    wow what an AMAZING shot. geez, makes me want to leave all the buildings behind and high tail it outta NYC 🙂

  2. Drew says:

    The texas sky is just about the most beautiful sky in the world.