Photo-A-Day #241 12/05/05

Tonight Allison and I went with Rondi and Andy to see Christopher Williams play at the Lyon’s Den in Norton at Wheaton College. As always an entertaining evening. It felt like a private show because of the small space and the smaller number of patrons. The Lyon’s Den is a coffee shop on the campus of Wheaton College where I am guessing student activities money was used to get Christopher there. Hey, if the college kids aren’t gonna take advantage of a great evening of music then the spoils go to us. We are more than happy to hang with CW and his lovely wife (whom we met for the first time tonight and was very nice) and chat about Photo-A-Day, the honeymoon, the wedding. They have the same anniversary but got married last year.

So, we talked about the honeymoon and the wedding and CW told the students about Photo-A-Day because I was taking pictures for tonight’s Photo-A-Day. I was messing around with the lighting settings and filters on the camera to get this shot. Yes I could have photoshopped it but where is the fun in that. Gotta know your equipment man. Besides I find flash photography during a show distracting, but then so is Egyptian Ratscrew. But it was fun so no biggie. I tried to keep the flash to the minimum and besides my flash is way to weak to be effective, so I gotta work with the lighting settings to draw out the most light I can.

We are looking forward to seeing Christopher again. Oh and we picked up his new Christmas CD. He played three songs from the album and they were awesome. Check out his website to hear some of his songs.

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