Photo-A-Day #244 12/08/05

A T-Rex runs amuck in the Pittsburgh Airport. I saw this last night around 11:45pm (I wasn’t staying around till midnight to take the picture for today’s Photo-A-Day. I knew I’d be back today to get the shot.) It is a pretty fantastic thing to see.

What wasn’t fantastic was the oblivious dolt in front of me in the security line. So Captain oblivious takes a grey bucket to put his laptop in, moves ahead enough for me to take another grey bucket for my laptop. I go to get my laptop from my backpack and C.O. takes the grey bucket I picked up for my laptop and puts his laptop bag inside it. First of all, bags don’t go in grey buckets, they are for laptops and electronic devices, get a helmet. Second of all, What! Do you think I am your personal assistant or something, I mean I could be someone’s personal assistant, details and organization are my thing but not yours buddy. I got that bucket for me, not you, What a jerk. I hope he felt the heat of my disapproving stare. Confrontation is not my thing.

What is cool though is that Pittsburgh Airport has free Internet Access, sweet.

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