Photo-A-Day #249 12/13/05

New phone. Guys night. ‘Nuff said.

Okay maybe there is more to say. Today I got a new phone. It has a camera built into it. Scary thought that I can now take pictures with my phone and post them too the web. Very scary indeed. I got the LG VX9800 VCAST phone. I have a free month of VCAST service and have been playing around with it a little bit. Tonight I took this shot of the guys at the Funway Cafe. We have Peter, Derek and Neil. (Derek is making the BK face, basically that freaky look from the Burger King in the BK commercials. He loves that guy.) We had a great time at Guys night, ate some buffalo wings, had a few beers, told some stories and played some ice hockey. Good times, good friends.

Updated 12/14/05 – Okay so I am getting the hang of this thing. For instance the image is too big for my settings for this blog so I had to edit the size of the image. Also it is really not sharp at all. I know it is a cameraphone and all but it is 1.3mp and I have an old Kodak camera from 1997 that has to be at least 1.3 megapixels and it takes good images. I’ll have to experiment more. Still not totally sold on this phone. May end up getting the Treo 650 even though it has the Palm OS. Anybody have either of these phones and want to weigh in on the pros and cons?

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