Photo-A-Day #309

Today we had a surprise 70th birthday for my Great-Uncle Fred. Fred is on my Dad’s side of the family. So the whole Bennett clan got together to party the afternoon away at The Moose Cabin in Attleboro. Again Al and his family took great care of us. If you are around the Attleboro area stop by The Moose Cabin. Try the Portuguese Pork and Potato dish, it is fantastic.

My cousin Scott made custom candy bar wrappers and some great metal placards with a recipe for Fred’s 70th Birthday Party, with the history of Fred’s life on the back. Great-Uncle Fred spent many years as a chef. He can make the best pastries. He even had his own bakery for a time and spent many years at the Pomfret School in CT. Grandpa Bennett opened with some great words about Fred and the celebration of Fred today. Fred is also Tara’s dance partner because she is the only one who can really keep up to him. Fred is a fantastic dancer also and he and Tara do some fancy swing dancing at the family parties.

After the party Allison and I went to the North American Home Show with Neil and Andrea. We spent more than we anticipated on some stuff for the house. I’ll talk about that tomorrow when we get more of a chance to try the things out.

After the home show we stopped at Target to pick up a couple of spray bottles and we decided to hit Chilis for a little bite. We split an appetizer and on our way out we ran into Marybeth and Damian. We stopped and chatted with them for a bit and then headed home.

All of our cars are backed into the driveway and off to one side in anticipation of the big snow that we should be getting tonight.

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No Responses to “Happy 70th Uncle Fred”

  1. Katie says:

    Those look like the EXACT same balloons that Mo and I tied to your door when you were the RD down the lower apartments. Way to recycle.

  2. Drew says:

    You know that I never saw those balloons. They were either popped or gone when I got home.

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