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Today Allison and I went for a two mile walk. I had to start breaking in my new boots and new Superfeet for hiking. Allison broke in her new cute hat and thermal underwear. We made another trip to EMS today and this time I got a pair of boots from North Face, they are very warm and comfortable and waterproof. Allison got some thermal underwear top and bottoms and a new hat. We are looking forward to our snowshoe hike with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne in March. Let’s hope that some snow falls up in NH before that. So this is Allison’s cute new hat, and she looks adorable in her cute new hat and the long hair hanging outside the hat.

Here is a bonus picture. While we were on our walk we saw this X-Box controller hanging from a branch in a tree. Someone either lost pretty bad and got angry or some parent had enough of their kid playing too much X-Box.

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