Photo-A-Day #337 03/11/06

So after the Buffett ticket blitz, Allison and I went to the mall so she could use a gift card from Filenes. While she was in Filenes I went to borders and got the other two LOST novels, I tried to call her and then tried to find her and eventually found her in. Then I sat on a bench to begin reading the book. All of a sudden I noticed that some little kid is barreling towards me with those light up shoes. He stops in front of my and begins to wave. I see this out of my peripheral vision, I slowly look up in my, oh so patient way, all the while thinking, “Where are this kid’s parents?” when I then recognize that it is my cousin Matt’s son Keith. So my expression changes and I am very happy to see Keith because he is such a happy and joyful kid, and I know him. I look over and Matt and Annie are laughing.

We made plans to have dinner together later this evening. We went home and I tested out my Rollerblades (you know because I’m doing 13 miles on them in 3 weeks and this is the first time I’ve had them on. I’m of the mindset that you shouldn’t ‘over’ train.) I have to get new kneepads because these are too big, but other than that I felt good and ready to go.

We went over to Matt and Annie’s for dinner around 7:00 after picking up some burgers and dogs for dinner. We got to hang out, see their new place, dance with Keith to the kick’n party next door and then chat for quite a while with Matt and Annie.

Today’s picture is of Allison modeling the mini backpack that I got from Honda. You can kind of see the picture of the dog and the fence, which is for Tail – Gate. It holds a six-pack perfectly.

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