Photo-A-Day #370 04/13/06

Cats, everywhere I look there they are. They woke me up at 3:30am because they wanted to be in our room and they rattled the door like crazy. They can get their paws under the doors in our house and pull on them with such force that they rattle the whole door. Now they have learned to work as a team to openthe door from our living room to Tara’s room. One of the cats gets his paws under the door and the other gets on the arm of the couch and uses both paws to bang on the doorknob till it turns and they quickly escape. We are now keeping a workout ball wedged between the door and the couches. This has prevented further escapes.

I worked from home today and the cats wouldn’t leave me alone. They like to walk in front of the keyboard. I found Oliver’s eyes to be fascinating. They are constantly moving and changing. So I got a picutre of one of his eyes. Then I figured that they needed to play so I got out the feather and bell on a stick and entertained them. I couldn’t pick just one of the shots so I mixed four of them.

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