Photo-A-Day #377 04/20/06

Posted by: abennett96 on Buzznet

I am in Jamestown New York, there is a little village near Jamestown called Celoron and the claim to fame is that is the birthplace of Lucille Ball. There is the Lucille Ball Memorial park that has a sign and a chainsaw carved statue of Lucy. The Statute is being auctioned on E-Bay later this week or month. The reason is so that the town can raise the additional $10,000 it needs for the Desi Arnaz Band Shell. The statue has been in the park for 5 years. It was commissioned for a visit from Lucy Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball. There is a Lucille Ball museum around her somewhere but I couldn’t find it. Actually I only tried to find the park, the Jamestown Harley shop and a restaurant that one of the guys from the demo recommended. I was able to find all of that. Museum, no.

Here are some bonus pictures.

The Lucy Statue

The Lucy Sign

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