Photo-A-Day #389 05/02/06

I’m in Charleston, SC and I stopped at the Low Country Harley Davidson shop to pick up some pins. They have a really nice shop, including a wall of motorcycles displayed like a museum. It was pretty cool. And outside they had this revolving silo with a couple of bikes in it. Once I figured out the correct direction to head in off the highway I was able to find this place without problem. A really nice shop.

Here is a bonus picture from my hotel in South Carolina, I’m right on the river and unfortunately my room is facing the highway. Just my luck too. When I arrived here the room wasn’t ready and they said that they could switch me but my room preferences wouldn’t be the same, I ask for foam pillows and a refigerator on my frequent stay profile. So I waited, turns out that there wasn’t even a fridge put in this room. Not sure exactly why I was waiting.

See the crane?

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