Photo-A-Day #391 05/04/06

Met a couple of new folk rockers tonight. Laura & Steve Franklin.

I checked out myspace this morning to see if there were any folk shows happening in Bricktown. Bricktown is this cool area in Oklahoma City. It has great nightlife and restaurants.

There was one for Laura Franklin at a place called Nonna’s. The show was scheduled for 7:00pm and I did not make it for 7:00pm. I was stuck in Atlus till 6:00pm because the demo ran late (137 miles away). Then on the way back to OKC I took an alternate route (40 miles out of the way, so read 177 miles). I had a map. Besides when will I be back in Oklahoma with plenty of time to drive around and see tons of cows. I figured I would miss most of the show anyway so I did not rush (didn’t want to get a ticket, but the speed limit is 75mph around here.)

I got to the hotel at 8:45pm and hoofed it to Nonna’s hoping to catch the end of the set, but instead I caught the whole show because they didn’t start till 9:00pm. I grabbed a seat and ordered dinner. It was a very tasty wild mushroom and sausage lasagna.

During their break Laura came over and said hello and thanks for coming. I explained that I searched for shows and found that Laura was playing and I checked out her profile and music. I liked it a lot and went to add her as a friend only to find that she already was. I think I found her through Amber Rubarth. I told Laura that and she said that she was supposed to play with Amber but some wildfires prevented that gig from happening.

Laura is playing with her husband Steve and they are called Dolce. I explained that I was from MA and on business. Laura told me that they are going to be playing in Waltham later this month. They are also playing a house show in Somerville and invited me to go. Pretty cool. Very nice couple.

Laura did a great cover of Damien Rice’s “Blowers Daughter”. It was an excellent cover, very well done Laura.

During the second break Steve came over to say hello. We talked for a bit and then I bought their EP’s. Steve had one and so did Laura (under her maiden name of Wilhite). I asked them to sign the CDs and they did, that was really nice of them. Today’s photo a day is of the CD’s with Laura and Steve playing in the background. I had to crop most of Steve’s CD cover because it picked up my hand rather than the CD cover itself.

They have a new CD coming out as Dolce in 5 days so I missed getting it. If someone goes to the Waltham show please pick one up for me, I’ll pay yah back. The Waltham show is on May 24 2006 at 9:00pm at The Skellig, Waltham, MA. Check out their music.

Here are some other Pictures I took today.

The Harley Davidson shop in Oklahoma City

Atlus Air Force Base

A view from I-183

The Bricktown

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