Photo-A-Day #393 05/06/06

Today Allison and I did a little shopping and we even went to the comic book store because it was Free Comic Book Day. There was a free G.I. Joe and a Transformers and an X-Men one and I found a CSI one for Allison. Randy moved things around at the shop and much more room for back issues.

Because I only took one book with me last week I ended up picking one up at the airport. It was Iris Johansen’s Countdown. I like her books but it is hard to know which one is the next in a series. The last book I read the main character was about 10 years old and in Countdown she is 21.

These are flowers that are blooming on a tree in our front yard. Dad put it in abot 6 or more years ago and each spring it becomes more beautiful.

We also went to a spagetti dinner at church that was sponsored to raise money for the Relay for Life teams at our church. We met some very nice people who knew some of my teachers and their kids from when I was in High School. We had a very nice time.

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