Photo-A-Day #395 05/08/06

This is the Great Salt Lake. Is it weird or should it not be red?

Also today I went to find the rich stuff in Astoria Oregon and all I got was a lot of driving done. Around 3:30 PST I decided that Astoria was not far from Portland so I took the trek out there in search of The Goondocks. If you were a child of the 80’s you missed out if you never saw The Goonies. Well, that movie was filmed in Astoria Oregon. I wanted to drive out there and see the place for myself. It really is an interesting place. It lies at the mouth of the Columbia River it is where Lewis and Clark stopped their journey because they had found the Pacific Ocean.

I wanted to find that beach that the kids ended up on at the end, but I was pressed for time and didn’t find it. (I just found that is was not in Astoria, so I could have looked all dang day. Pretty much the only place I was even near was the Bowling Alley that Chunk was at. Of course I figured that I would find it easily, you know how you get a picture of a place in your head but when you get there it is nothing like you pictured. It was like that. However I did notice that the houses could have all passed for Mikey and Brand’s. I kept looking up on the hillside and wondering which one of the houses was the right one.

So now Iâve stopped at a restaurant called Humps Family Restaurant in Clatskanie, OR. A nice little place off of Rt. 30. Had a diner feel to it so I got some diner faire. Bacon Cheeseburger and crinkle cut fries that were perfect and a chocolate shake that is halfway done and still holding a good grip on the straw. Good stuff, much better than my terrible lunch at a crappy Chinese restaurant. You know how when you walk around a food court and the Chinese food places give you samples of their chicken on a toothpick? You have that bite and think, ‘I think I’ll get a plate of that, it is pretty tasty.’ But it doesn’t end up a tasty meal. It becomes a terrible culinary decision. Don’t be enticed to buy more than that free sample, you will be disappointed.

I haven’t been on the west coast in so long. I am out of practice and don’t have the sitting stamina I used to. All that east coast travel has made me soft and it is killing my airline statuses.

Oregon is also the second home of the Transformers. In the cartoon and comic they crash landed into Mt St. Helens but they said it was in Oregon, however it is in Washington. The town of St. Helens is in Oregon though.

Some bonus shots from aorund Astoria, OR.

On another note. I am finally on the west coast and the upload time for buzznet is finally the right time.

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