Photo-A-Day #405 05/18/06

I guess this means that I’ll have to still wait till “future kids” (Kids not in existence or even glimmering in existence yet) have turned 5 before they can play with alot of the toys I’ve been saving for them. This was a special Harley Davidson pack that had this truck and a few other cars. I gave the rest to my Dad with another gift a while ago.

It is a Hot Wheels truck. I was never big into toy cars like matchbox and hot wheels. I suspect that there are some rabid collectors out there like there are with Transformers. I hope they still have Hot Wheels stunt sets when “future kids” come along.

I did see that the upcoming movie Cars has some toys out now that look like the cars from the movie. I think I’ll look inot putting together a set so when “future kids” are old enough they can play with the cars after the watch the Cars movie.

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