Photo-A-Day #412 05/25/06

tonight Allison and I went for a walk after dinner. Something new we are trying, to stop sitting on the couch watching TV after dinner every night. It’ll be a thing, it is gonna catch on. It is a lot easier to do now that the shows are all over and the nice weather’s back. We watched the LOST season finale last night and can’t wait for next season. A lot of people are getting annoyed with the pacing of the show but I think that it has been done so well. And now next season looks to be filled with all new twists and characters. Some major revelations that occured in the finale, lots of loose ends and some tied up nice and neat. Such a great show.

Anyway when we were out on our walk the grass in certain places looked like crop circles, except they were in a straight line. Can’t say I really delivered with today’s picture. I’m still running on little to no sleep in the past few days. I did take a nap after work and was out like a light till Allison came home.

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