Photo-A-Day #414 05/27/06

Today Allison and I were at the Cape. We slept in till 9:00 for the first time since te end of last summer. Being on the Cape is very conducive to good sleep.

We went to see my cousin Nick pitch in his Babe Ruth baseball game. He was doing some very good pitching. After that we had lunch and then went to the beach where we enjoyed a very sunny afternoon and the opportunity to get some reading done. I’m reading Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen and Allison is reading Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr, I’m gonna get her hooked on this series too.

Then we went and visited my Grandparents for a little while. After that we had a backyard BBQ and enjoyed the latest backyard addition, some all weather speakers that Dad picked up and installed under the porch. So we had cheeseburgers and hot dogs to the tunes of Jimmy Buffett.

Then we went for a walk and I saw this umbrella still sitting on the beach at 8:00 at night, thought it was a nice beachy scene. And now we are going to watch National Treasure.

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