Photo-A-Day #421 06/03/06

Today Allison spent the day with the girls shopping at Wrentham Village and then seeing the movie The Break-Up, she liked it and thought it was funny. I spent the day doing the guy thing. I played some video games, went and got my comic books, picked up Nevada Barr’s Hunting Season and Firestorm and Carl Hiaassen’s Sick Puppy at Borders, I got the Complete Series of Keen Eddie at Newbury comics and I picked up two sets of Cars toys, the Ramone and Flo set and the Luigi, Guido and Tractor set. I’ve decided to pick up the die cast metal Cars toys and the race track carrying case to save for those future kids. It has a space for each of the different characters.

I also watched The Ultimate Avengers movie that I borrowed from Ryan. The second movie, The Ultimate Avengers 2 comes out next month.

Ryan and Amy and their son came over tonight for dinner. I made pulled pork in the crock pot, it was delicious. After dinner I drew a picture for their son and took a picture of the toys on the table. Most of them are mine. But I am good at sharing.

The pedometer says 6392 on it, did some walking around going store to store and the mall.

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