Photo-A-Day #428 06/10/06

Okay, two days in a row where the Photo-A-Day didn’t go up till the next day. I’m easing up on the self imposed rules, they still nag at me but I’m working on it.

Last evening was my 10 year College Reunion. The way that my college does reunions is that every class that either has their 5, 10,15, etc… Reunion all come to the college for Reunion Weekend. I’ve been to about 6 or 7 of them in my lifetime. I volunteered at some, I had my 5 year, and when I worked at the college I went each year as a college representative.

I worked at the college from 1997 – 2001 and so I was there the whole four years with the folks from the class of 2001 (It was their 5 year reunion). I was even the class advisor for that time. So on more than one occasion last night I had some people from the class of 2001 ask if I still worked at the college. Nope, I had moved on when they had. It was great to see people though. Many of the 2001 alumni were good friends of mine, they worked as my RA’s and we spent time together. It was really nice to see them.

It was also very nice to see the people from the class of 1996. I spent quite a bit of time talking to some folks with whom I hadn’t talked with much in college. There were a bunch of people I didn’t even get a chance to talk with and there were some folks whom I really wanted to see and were so glad that they came and we got to talk and reminisce. Then there were folks whom I really hoped would have come but didn’t. But it was really great to reconnect with some important friends. And it was really nice that they got along well with Allison.

Allison even had a good time meeting some of my former students. I was able to show her that they all didn’t hate me for being a mean RD. That is Residence Hall Director, of which I was one for 4 years. A couple of students came up and told Allison that I had kept them from dying, getting in trouble and generally making an ass out of themselves. I said, “See hon, not every one of them thought I was personally out to get them.” I have to say that overall I was a pretty laid back RD. I miss that job sometimes, not the 2:00am nights with drunken morons but being there for my students was important. The free room and board didn’t hurt either.

It was nice to see the people I worked with when I was a staff member of the college, it was nice to see everyone. I liked college, I liked the people who went there and I was very happy to have gone. However, next time we are skipping the dinner and heading just to the tent. This was the first time I had paid for a reunion weekend ever and although it was nice to do the dinner, the meal wasn’t worth the price of admission.

Ken and Alicia came over to the tent, He’s a ’95 and she’s a ’99. We got to talk with them for a bit and Alicia showed Allison around some of the dorms. Here is a bonus picture of Ken. He doesn’t come to this blog so he won’t see it. There was a fiesta theme to the tent this year.

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