A new traffic pattern has been in effect for over six months or so and still every day I see someone making a left turn where there is no longer a left turn lane. I hope the idiot didn’t kill someone.

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  1. Allison says:

    I’m so not surprised by this. It’s gotten worse since they took down the giant message sign saying “NO LEFT TURN.” I see someone try to take a left there AT LEAST once a week.

    I will say most people are getting better about it – they go down the the Mobil or the RV sales place and make a U-turn.

    Apparently the large sign as you get off of 495 saying “All turns right lane” is not big enough for people.

  2. andycamp says:

    People are dumb especially when we are in cars. We all think we are special.

    Ever watch what happens when a lane ends. There is always a backup. Why because ever thought there is a sign that says merge right lane ending 2 miles before the lane ends there is a core group of people that ride down that lane as fast as they can with no intention of merging until they absolutely have to and of course someone lets them in. Probably because they feel bad of the other jerk is squeezing and you don’t want to mess up your car. My thought is if you have 2 mile to merge and you don’t they screw you. I am gonna go out of my way to make sure you don’t cut in front of me. Sure my car looks like crap with all the side swipes and my insurance is through the roof but I feel better about myself.

    oh and on a side note the construction of 495 south this summer near the Wrentham outlets is going to kill a bunch of people. You can not take traffic at 55mph and expect someone to merge into it with no acceleration lane. That is traffic engineer 101. Looks like Mass Highway does not like the people of Franklin, Wrentham or North Attleboro. They have created a very dangerous situtaion and people will die. I only hope that the current situation does not last very long