Today Allison and I were still at the Cape. We celebrated Father’s Day with a Blueberry pancake breakfast with Dad. After breakfast we put together our new headboard for the room at the Cape. Allison had the idea to use a picket fence as a headboard. We went to see about buying a section of fence from Home Depot last week. I talked to my Dad about it and he suggested that rather than buying a section of fence, we build our own to the size and specifications that we want.

So today Allison got to work with a power drill for the first time ever and she did so well. I would drill a guide hole and then Allison would put a screw in the hole. This is the most solid piece of fence you’ll ever see handing on a wall behind a bed. Dad and I measured it out and laid out all of the pieces. It is totally square and level and a nice piece of woodworking.

Once we finished putting it all together Allison did all the painting. She painted it a bright yellow to match the color of our dresser. Our bedroom at the Cape is coming together, We still have to hang the Radio/CD player and print a few pictures and hang the headboard then it will be done and I will be posting pictures of our colorful flip flop themed room.

We spent much of the rest of the day reading and napping and helping out around the house. On the way home we stopped at a field where there were people flying some of the most elaborate kites I’ve ever seen. That inspired today’s Photo-A-Day.

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  1. andycamp says:

    Did you make the tops of the pickets pointy? I can’t tell from the pictures but it looks like the tops maybe squared off. I need more info

  2. Drew says:

    The pickets were not made pointy, they are in a scalloped pattern, Looking at it straight there is a concave dip in the middle.

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