Photo-A-Day #437 06/19/06

I drove to Syracuse, NY today. It took me about 5 hours. A long ride, got a little tired, spent some time at the rest areas along the way to give myself some little breaks. I listened to 4 of the Eldest CD’s. Allison gave me Eldest (The second book in the Eragon Trilogy) and I hadn’t had a chance yet to begin listening. I figure I can get two fifths of the way through the CD’s on this trip. It is a long story, even longer than Eragon. I think we will begin listening to Eragon on our way to PA. I’ve already heard it but really liked it and figure I’ll introduce Allison to it before the movie comes out this December (December 15th to be exact.)

I’ve been putting it off but I cannot any longer. I have to get my air conditioner fixed. I drove the whole way here with the window down to keep cool and that didn’t really help much. I know that there are folks on the air conditioning vs. window way of cooling off in a car. And folks are very adamant about their sides. I’m on the air conditioner side, especially on the highway, around town maybe the windows down but not that often.

I went and saw Cars today. I loved it. Such a fun movie! If you go, stay to the end, there are some really funny things that happen. You gotta love Pixar, they are so amazing. The cameos were very good too. Not enough of those and way to short for some of them. John Ratzenberger was really funny during the credits. It is worth staying just for that. And for those who are fans of Click and Clack the Tappet brothers on Car Talk on NPR you’ll be happy to see them in the movie as well.

Today’s photo is the view I had when I looked at the passenger seat. (Not taken while driving.)

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