Photo-A-Day #450 07/02/06

It was a very windy day on the Cape. Allison and her parents went to Dick and Ellie’s Flea Market in Dennis. I helped Dad put another coat of paint on the table and get the yard ready for tomorrow’s party. The table came out really nice and is ready for 12 hungry people. We also decided between two umbrellas for the table. Instead of the 1960’s blue rose’s umbrella, we’re going with the mesh umbrella with beige and blue sections. A much better choice.

Tonight we had a nice dinner and Tara and Taylor came up. Taylor enjoyed lying around the porch and trying to catch any crumbs that might fall from our plates. She is always photogenic so I caught her getting sleepy.

It was so windy here that I went across the street this evening with a kite that my Dad found in one of our trees and it shot into the air like a rocket. The hardest thing about flying it was getting it back down. It was like reeling in a large fish.

I’m trying to post this blog with little success. Last night I was able to get onto a wireless network in the area once I sat in the extreme corner of my bed. But tonight I could not get onto the same network and a new network popped up. It was a secure one so no dice. I’m dialed in via a modem and it is so painfully slow.

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