Photo-A-Day #452 07/04/06

Photo-A-Day #452

Yeah it is about the things that matter not the minor annoyances of life. Let me set the stage a bit. Yesterday we had a great family party to celebrate the 4th of July. We had a packed house, good food and lots of fun at the Falmouth Fireworks display. There were tons of people but it didn’t seem as crazy as past years. There seemed to be much less traffic and the crowds cleared out very quickly. Allison and I went right to sleep around 11:30pm and turned on our window fan to block out the noise and we were out. That window fan does a fantastic job of blocking noise because at 3:30am a 15lb rock was hurled through our sunporch window. We slept right through it.

Luckily Tara is the lightest sleeper ever and she hopped right out of bed with Erik. They crept downstairs without turning on any lights, saw 5 guys outside. Tara and Erik then took a phone into the bathroom and called 911. The Falmouth Police showed up within 2 minutes. I guess it was a busy night on the heights. Apparently there were about 5-6 officers on the sunporch and around the outside of the house. They ended up catching 4 of the 5 guys who sat in jail all day today till the courts open tomorrow. There were many other acts of vandalism last night all over the heights including rocks hurled through car windows and attempted theft of a kayak. The rocks came from our neighbor’s landscaping across the street.

when I woke up this morning I grabbed my clothes and headed to the outdoor shower. I was shocked to see our neighbor’s Dave and his son Greg in the kitchen. Dad relayed the early morning events and I took a quick look into the sunporch. Took my shower quickly and came back in the house and said, “Okay, I’m awake now…. what happened?” That got the intended laugh. Dad and Erik took care of the glass that was everywhere on the sunporch and outside on the ground and in the flowerboxes. What a mess. Luckily the window was the only thing broken and no one got hurt.

Today the neighborhood had their annual parade. We got to watch that and I took a few pictures.

The sunporch aftermath

Aborted projectiles

A view from the outside, glass everywhere.

The smith’s landscaping minus three large rocks.

The window up close, a double paned one, lots of glass.

Mom’s safety message, never seen crime scene tape with flowers before.

Almost 50 years of the neighborhood 4th of July Parade. Awesome.

Matt is made parade Marshall.

The grand Marshall leads the parade.

Matt’s Dad, Uncle Paulie D.

The parade’s band.

God thing Dad boarded up the broken window before the parade went by the house.

Happy 4th everyone!

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