Photo-A-Day #455 07/07/06

In my town there is an annual Kid’s Day which lasts an entire weekend. Each night there are fireworks that we can see from the house as well as a carnival at a local playing field. Tonight when I got home from seeing The Da Vinci Code at the Route One Cinema Pub I saw Tara and Erik getting ready to watch the fireworks from the driveway. I joined them and attempted to catch a good shot with Tara’s camera. This one was the best I could do.

The Da Vinci Code was a decent movie. I liked it very much and I was also a big fan of the book. As with any book to movie translation there were some liberties taken but I had read the book so long ago that I wasn’t fully tied to any strong pre conceived notions about the characters. I think Tom Hanks made a good Robert Langdon. I’m probably alone on that one but I enjoy him.

I’m going to head out to pick up Wes in a half hour. His flight says that it is on time. Don’t forget to go to Double Midnight comics tomorrow to get your copy of You’ll Have That Vol. 1 signed.

I set the VCR to tape Psych tonight. It looks like a decent show and I hope I am right about that.

I finished High Country by Nevada Barr and I am on the last book that is out called Hard Truth. Once that is done I’ll start on Kathy Reichs.

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