Photo-A-Day #457 07/09/06

Wes was still signing the books we bought well into the night. No, he signed a few more this morning before we took him to the airport. What a great sport. I’m sure we are going to get a bunch more of the books around christmas time. I can’t wait till volume #2 comes out. I see that Wes is updating the YHT Forums so he arrived home safely, that is good to know.

After we dropped off Wes at the airport we then headed home so I could write that supergiagantic post below. In the front yard Tara and Erik worked on a new garden and it looks great. It isn’t finished but will be soon. Tara has big plans for it and we are lucky to have something that nice in our front yard. Here is a picture.

This afternoon we went to Sleep Easy and bought a Temperpedic Bed. They were on sale for the first time ever and I think we got a good deal. I can’t wait to sleep on that. We are however not taking delivery until the room is empty and we can move in the mattress with ease.

After that we went over to our friend’s Marybeth and Damian. They just got a new house and were having an open house. It was nice to visit with them and see Marybeth’s parent’s and sister and some other friends from High School like Joanne and Erin. We gave Marybeth and Damian a signed copy of You’ll Have That Vol. 1. I’m pretty sure that Wes now has two new fans. Marybeth and Damian have a cute little toy poodle named Belle. She was so sweet and so tiny. I had to take a picture.

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