Photo-A-Day #459 07/11/06

I am in Omaha Nebraska today. I’m demoing down in Iowa tomorrow and so yet another state gets filled in on my map of America.

I finally got it uploaded. The video I took this weekend at Double Midnight Comics of Wes Drawing Andy, one of the main characters of You’ll Have That. Wes Molebash Draw’s Andy – Google Video

Wes also uploaded the same video to Google Videos.

Updated: The video was cropped during the upload and looks like crap. I’m uploading another when I can make it to Google’s specifications.

Today I finished Hard Truth, the last of the Nevada Barr books. Man what a writer, Nevada Barr’s books always keep me guessing to the very end. Each of the 13 books I’ve read have been greatly entertaining. I even got Allison interested in Nevada Barr. She is currently on the 4th book, Firestorm and she suggested the first book Track of the Cat for her Book Club.

I took a couple more pictures here today. While I was looking for the Harley Davidson shop here in Omaha I went by the Blue Bunny plant. Blue Bunny makes some great ice cream, it is smooth and the creamiest packaged ice cream I’ve ever had. I picked up a single serving of Bunny Tracks and a pint of Blue Bunny 2% milk for the morning.

I also had dinner at Chipotle, probably the best guacamole ever at Chipotle. They make massive burritos and the food is fantastic!

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