Photo-A-Day #462 07/14/06

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my Great-Uncle Richard. One year ago I visited Great-Uncle Richard in the hospital to say goodbye. On that day I returned from a trip for work and made it to the hospital one hour before he passed. Someone was watching the skies that day and made sure that I missed no flights, I could sense the urgency of that day and the need to get to the hospital to say goodbye.

Alot has happened in this past year, much centering around what was left behind after Great-Uncle Richard’s death. Nothing I can ever go into in this forum as what happens in the family stays a family matter. It is always hard to lose a loved one especially someone whose life touched and enhanced the lives of so many. Great-Uncle Richard was a humble man, a generous man, and a family man, he was an uncle to everyone and friend to all. Friendship, generosity and loyalty were cornerstones of Great-Uncle Richard’s character. I think we can all learn a lesson from his life.

When I got home today I visited Great-Uncle Richard’s grave to say hello and let him know what happened this past year. Again I had just landed from a flight but this time went to the cemetery. I stayed a few minutes, cleared some weeds and dead-heads off the flowers, something to do while I thought of something to say. Writing is my thing, talking is not, even when the words are merely said in my head. We miss Great-Uncle Richard very much.

When I arrived home I found this tin of cookies that was sent as a thank you for the hospitality that Allison and I recently extended. What a very nice gesture from some wonderful new friends. We really appreciated that and look forward to when we can spend time together again.

Also I think I have to wash my car. What do you think? I know what the person who wrote this thinks.

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