Photo-A-Day #474 07/26/06

Photo-A-Day #474 07/26/06

Went back to work today. Eye is still a little funny and will be for a while. Gotta put drops in every 4 hours. The drops are keeping the pupil very small. This is making things funky. If I close my right eye (good eye) and look out of just the left I can see the screen right now without a big blob over the middle of it. My vision in my left eye was always like looking at an eclipse because I only saw the things at the edges and that was very blurry. Now I see everything but it is all still blurry. It is going to take a few weeks for my vision to adjust. My eyes have always been two separate entities that worked independently of each other. MY right eye did all the work and the left was a slacker. Now the slacker has a little bit of vision and it is messing with the hard working eye. I noticed it today while I was reading. My good eye was reading the right hand page but the left eye kept popping in with what was on the left page. I was on a section of the book where the new chapter was starting on the left and I was on the right hand page and every so often the 23 of the chapter number would pop up. These two are going to have to start working together. I hope it is soon.

This is a lily that my sister Tara planted in the front of the house. She has planted about 20 varieties of lilies and they just keep blooming at different times, this one is beautiful but is getting eaten by Japanese beetles.

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