Photo-A-Day #482 08/03/06

Today was rather uneventful. I worked at home, had an eye doctor’s appointment and found that my vision can be improved to 20/50 in the left eye. That is the best ever, not clear even with glasses but I can see without a giant black blob in the middle of my vision.

Today I set up my new computer for work as well as my former computer that will now become the Cape computer. I set up a profile for Mom, Dad, Tara, Erik, Shelby, Allison and myself. I stripped the programs down to the basics so everything is right at everyone’s fingertips. I can’t wait to get the computer to the Cape to see how everyone likes it.

Allison and I are in New Hampshire tonight because we are heading to Portland Maine tomorrow. We are spending the weekend with Elise and Charles on Great Diamond island. Should be a good time. And on Sunday we are going to visit Mo in York, ME. So I will not be bringing my computer to the island but I am bringing the camera and plan to take tons of pictures on the island. If they are any good I may use some to make cards and sell. Allison got me a catalog of materials to make your own photo cards for sale and so we shall see. Have a good Weekend everyone. A Belated Happy Anniversary to my in-laws. Happy Anniversary.

Today’s photo is there Bottle Cap container for Corona caps outside.

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