The theme continues. Yes it is Buffett week once again. This Thursday Allison and I are going to go with the work crowd to party all day and night. Mom and Dad are going to arrive later in the day. We have reserved lawn seats and even have 3 tickets available for interested parties ($100.00 a ticket, reserved lawn, you’ll have a seat.)

Duncan is starting to pre-party. How did I catch that. (The secret is a little vanilla ice cream on the end of the straw.) I wanted to get them both to do it but Oliver got skittish, surprise.

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  1. andycamp says:

    You don’t want to give away your tricks. Next think you are going to tell me is that MR Ed really did not talk. That they just stuck Peanut Butter to the roof of his mouth and dubed in a voice

  2. Drew says:

    Sorry to break the illusion man. I always thought they got Mr. Ed to talk by a carrot in the @$$. I heard that somewhere. But I know the voice was not dubbed. Of that I am sure.

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