Photo-A-Day #512 09/02/06

Allison and I were on the Cape today. I got to sleep in and when I woke up I worked with Dad on a project for the garage. We have talked about putting up some shelves on the side of the garage for his ladders. For a long time the ladders were on these old pieces of staging that Dad used to use for cutting the hedges, until one of the rungs broke and he nearly sliced off his nose. So those were retired and given the job of holding the aluminum ladders. Today they were retired for good. Some of the pieces went to the dump and some are going to be burned this winter.

I their place Dad and I constructed three posts with 4 16 inch platforms spaced at 22 inches apart so there are essentially four “shelves” for the ladders. The posts can hold 8 ladders easily. The side of the garage looks nice and neat now. The next project is construction of a kayak rack on the back of the garage for easy access in the summer. Although from the looks of the weather this weekend I don’t think we will actually make it on the water at all. Very disappointing.

Later on in the afternoon Allison and I played the Pirates Constructible Strategy Game. Back when Wes came to sign copies of his book I picked up two sets of cards from Double Midnight Comics One was Pirates of the Barbary Coast and the Other was Pirates of The South China Seas. A couple of weeks ago when I was in Saginaw, MI I picked up a package of Pirates of Davy Jones’ Curse. We started by learning the basic game with one ship each. Then we moved on to one ship each but we would use the shoot option and see how that went. Then we went with three ships each and the shoot option and Allison swabbed the deck with me. This is a fun game that we enjoyed playing. Be careful constructing your ships. We both snapped a mast in half. The game looks to be very fun with multiple ways to play, we haven’t even gotten into using parts of the crew yet. I think we will play again.

After that we took our camera’s to the beach because the waves were crazy and Allison wanted to try out a photo shoot with the camera she is borrowing from Andrea. Today’s photo was from that shoot. Here are the rest that I took. Allison is going to have to post her own.

Allison takes aim.

One bird per post please

Seagull and sea shells.

Seagulls in a row.

Allison and the waves.

Self Portraits.

Tonight we went to see Mark Erreli at the 3rd Fret Coffeehouse in Marshtons Mills. The 3rd Fret was located in the liberty Hall in Marshtons Mills. It was a nice little venue. Opening for Mark was Tom Dibono. Tom had some very nice New England songs. I especially liked Bad Penny, a song for and about his father Mike. I bought Tom’s CD, Bad Penny mostly for that song. Mark played for quite a while and he was excellent. We had heard his songs on WERS before but had never seen him live. We had also heard his song “The Only Way” many times as sung by Ellis Paul. It was great to see the originator of this song play it live. We also bought 3 of Mark’s CD’s because if we bought two we would get one free. And speaking of Ellis he is going to be at the 3rd Fret on September 17th at 2:00pm with Antje Duvekot opening. We won’t be on the Cape that weekend or else we would have bought tickets tonight. Got see a Show at the 3rd Fret Coffeehouse and support local music and live performers. I snapped two shots of Mark and tried to capture the shadow. From where I was sitting the shadow looked like a marshall because one fo the stars in the background was in the right spot. I tried to capture this without using the flash.

Black and White


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