Photo-A-Day #513 09/03/06

Today Allison and I rode up to Harwich with Mom and Dad to celebrate Grandpa’s 76th birthday. Aunt Cathy and Roger were there, so were Corrine, Jeff, Maddie and Haley. Aunt Connie and Aunt Candy and Jen, Chris and Autumn were there too. Grandma and Grandpa made us lunch (a family recipe meatball and spaghetti) We also had a cake for Grandpa.

Grandma had some old items from Grandpa’s life including a couple of issues of a Taxicab magazine. One had an article about Grandpa and his taxi business and the other had an editorial written by my grandpa. Hmmm, wonder where I get my desire to write about things. The issue that had an article about grandpa has an artist’s drawing of grandpa on the cover. I caught a picture of that.

Actually my writing everything down comes probably from my grandmother because she had a three ring binder with stories and items and life moments of my grandparent’s life together. I didn’t get to read all of it today but maybe next weekend when we stay there for Andy and Rondi’s wedding.

My Cousin Jen was there with her baby girl Autumn. Autumn was born right before our wedding last year and she is walking all over the place, when my other cousins let her. Autumn was flanked by Maddie and Haley for most of the day. I did get a good shot of my Dad holding Autumn.

Looks like somebody is ready to be a grandpa himself some day. (And no that was not an announcement at all people.)

Tonight we had Paul’s pizza for probably the last time this year and we hit Somerset Ice Cream with Neil and Andrea, again for the last time this year.

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