Photo-A-Day #523 09/13/06

This fountain is in the Detroit airport. It is fun to watch, the jets of water go at different intervals and jump from one place to another. Then they eventually all begin to stream in a constant arc. I watched for a little bit, it sucks you in to watch.

While at the PVD airport this morning I ran into our friends Autumn and Kenny. Autumn just recently won the Ms. Wheelchair America Pagent in Little Rock Arkansas. They are heading to Florida for a personal appearance, not sure where exactly because my flight was boarding and they were off to their flight. We’ll have to catch up with them soon.

I had my sneakers get some extra special screening and then at the gate had my bag get extra special screening. I’m feeling extra special today.

I began reading Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs, this is the 6th book in the series. I pretty much flew through the last two books and didn’t even mention them. Fatal Voyage and Grave Secrets were very good books in the series, good character development, and Grave Secrets even ends leaving you guessing about something important in Temperance’s Life.

I helped Tara move a few things out of her old room last night. We are slowly making progress on the condo. I think that cleaning out the closet is going to be a huge walk down memory lane for the family. Last night we saw fashions that weren’t in fashion since the Nixon administration. Erik moved his stuff out of the closet with one hand. He’s all done. His mantra of the evening was, “Get rid of it.” In theory that should work but in practice not so much.

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