Photo-A-Day #524 09/14/06

Okay so iGo is having a contest. It is called “Where Have You Taken Your iGo?”. They are looking for the most unique location that the iGo has gone. You are supposed to take a picture of you and your iGo. The contest runs between September 12, 2006 to December 31, 2006. What I don’t understand is who is taking their iGo and taking pictures of themselves with it. (Granted I just did for this contest and my photo is lame, even for a last minute photo-a-day picture.) What sort of place am I going to go with my iGo and get a picture before December 31, 2006? The reason I should really win this contest is that I’ve been using my iGo JUICE for four years and I have taken it across the country and into Canada. It accompanies me on every trip (except for the one where I forgot it and all hell broke loose, well at least in my world.) I’ve used it with three laptops, three cell phones and a PDA. This thing has been my lifeline on the road. I remember overlooking the city of Vancouver and charging my cell phone in my rental mini van so I could call my Dad. I use the iGo on the airplane all the time to write blogs and play video games and watch movies. I love this thing. So I need to get a great picture of me and my iGo so I can win the contest. The video for the picture was that I live out of my suitcase. I used the 10 second timer on the camera, I’m going to need some help with the ‘unique’ one.

You may have noticed some changes to the blog. First of all the buzznet photo strips are at the top now, one for me and one for ALLISON! Yep, Allison is catching the photo taking bug and will be posting from time to time. I couldn’t be more excited to share this hobby with her. I also added some transformers news to the sidebar and I put the links to trivia under the Addicting Web Games drop down menu. Alot of the clutter is at the bottom of the screen, sort of like sweeping things under the bed. I may need them still but I want them out of sight. I figure that the important stuff should be at the top, newest things, photos, things that change often. I hope you enjoy.

Any suggestions?

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