Photo-A-Day #525 09/15/06

Today I got home from Michigan and then headed up to Natick to a Buffettless Buffett party. The second of its kind. I was to bring and retire the Tiki of Death. That was retired early on in the night with a 750ml of Jose Cuervo margarita. The Tiki is still at Betsy’s. I had a heck of a time getting up to Framingham to catch a ride over to the party. Allison came from work and we decided to leave my car at my office and I would get it tomorrow when Allison was on her way to book club.

I was coming up from the PVD airport and figured I would shoot up 146 to the pike and save myself some time. Nope that did not happen. No time was saved in fact time as wasted. I ended up going about 25 miles out of my way to end up one exit past the one I got off. I was coming up on 146 and noticed that there was a huge back up so I veered off onto 122 and ended up making a wide u-turn essentially.

The party was as always a very fun time. Betsy and Peter are fantastic hosts and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I have some photos from the night that Allison too but won’t be posting them anytime soon so as to protect the innocent. You know how you are and you’ll be getting copies of these pictures. The photo of the day is safe though. Those are cheeseburger in paradise cookies. And they are mighty tasty.

I have a bonus picture for my friend Wes. This is me in the Saginaw airport listening to the WesCast. It is Wes’ ‘podcast’ thing that he’s been doing on his website. Wes is the creator of You’ll Have That. Read it and listen to the WesCast.

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