Photo-A-Day #528 09/18/06

Something a little different today. I used some of the fun features of photoshop with a picture of our screen saver. Also sad news, one of Allison’s fish died. Maybe that was my inspiration today. Poor guy.

tonight is the begining of the TV season. The first up was The Class. It wasn’t half bad. Next was How I Met Your Mother. Good, I like the direction. Barney is still the best. He cracks me up. Two and 1/2 Men. Poor Alanm hopefully things will turn around for him. The show is getting a bit tired however. I don’t get the belly laughs that I used to when it was fresh and new. It may fall out of my rotation.

I’ll probably say more about The New Adventures of the Old Christine and CSI Miami when I watch them. Now It is time to get off the computer.

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