Photo-A-Day #535 09/25/06

Today was the first time I used a Kodak Digital Photo Kiosk. It was pretty neat, very easy to do. I was using for an upcoming project that I participating in. More about that at a later date as the event approaches.

I joined a gym today, trying to get back into shape. The place is called Answer is Fitness. It is a new gym in our town and it has all new equipment. One really cool thing they have is a device that you can plug your headphones into and watch any of the dozens of TV’s that are hanging from the ceiling. I look forward to getting back into a routine.

Watched the new show Heroes tonight. It was decent, looks like one you gotta follow, lots of twists and turns. Hiro is my favorite character at this time. You can view the whole premiere episode online at the NBC site. Check it out.

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