Photo-A-Day #537 09/27/06

The Phantom Gourmet was in my town today. That is a good thing. There was a murder up the road from our place. That is a very scary thing. The murderer was caught. So that is a good thing.

So I’ve been able to catch up on local and national news lately because I have been going to a gym since Monday. I’ve only been doing the bike and the treadmill so far but will be getting into a program on the nautilus machines.

I was in the supermarket today. I love coupons and try to use them as often as possible. I thought I did pretty good today because I got two packages of rice for free because I had a coupon. However, the guy in front of me had an entire basket full of stuff and then he pulled out the coupons and his bill came to $3.47 and I think he got some other coupons worth $5.00 so he actually got money back from shopping. I was standing there and I said to the guy, “That is amazing” It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen at the supermarket.

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