Photo-A-Day #539 09/29/06

Tonight Allison and I went to dinner at Andy and Rondi’s place. They are back from their honeymoon and have broken out many of the great wedding gifts that they received (you got a jump on us by about a year on that one). The photo above is Andy’s new toy. A Butane torch for Creme Brulée. But I am getting ahead of myself.

On my way home from work I stopped by the Big Apple (because I was avoiding the giant cluster that is 495 between exits 17 and 14) and picked up some fresh baked donuts for Andy. He was excited to get some of the tasty treats. I was excited because Andy not only made Burritos for dinner but scallops wrapped in bacon for an appetizer. My favorite appetizer ever.

Dinner was delicious. We had a “Burritotastic!!” meal. Yep, Andy made a fine spread of Burrito fixings and we made our own Burritos while at the table. It was a fun and relaxed meal. After dinner and before Creme Brulée we played some trivia games on DVD that I got from Target for $2.48 each on clearance. Gotta love Target’s clearances they are insane. One game was called Gender Wars – Girls vs. Guys and the other was . Both games were set up exactly the same except in the Girls vs. Guys one the two teams were Girls and Guys instead of Team 1 and Team 2. The game was entertaining and deemed worth the $2.48 but not $3.00.

Then it was time for Creme Brulée. Andy has been practicing making Creme Brulée since he and Rondi have been home from their honeymoon (we got to see some nice Pop Culture Triviaunderwater pictures from their scuba adventures too). And that practice paid off. I think it was a fantastic and creamy Creme Brulée that I have not tasted the equal of yet. Derek will have to stop saying that I make a fantastic Creme Brulée and give that honor to Andy. I got Creme Brulée Butane Torch envy too (And I know I had a whole set and returned it for some work shirt, it is my own fault, but I do have cool gadget envy.). After the awesome Creme Brulée (And the sugar on top made that perfect ‘snap’ or ‘crack’ when you put the spoon through it, Alton would be proud. Anyway after that we played Catch Phrase and were stunned at each other’s descriptions of their given words. We played three rounds. Rondi and I vs. Andy and Allison, Andy and I vs. Rondi and Allison, and Allison and I vs. Rondi and Andy. Good time and a fun game.

We had a great time and so much fun. Once we can get out wedding stuff out of the front hall and have some room we will have to do up a fun meal and game night. Bring the Butane Torch.

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