Tonight Allison and I went to Stoneforge Foxboro (formerly Funway Cafe). We went with our friends Autumn and Kenny. Kenny and I are both Gadget freaks and Kenny got the new upgraded version of my camera, the Sanyo Xacti C6. So after dinner I borrowed Kenny’s camera to get today’s photo. I noticed that the flash didn’t seem as strong but I don’t know all of the setting changes that Kenny had made. Anyway here is the picture from Kenny’s camera.

If you haven’t been back since the place was the Funway, well, things have changed alot. There are hardwood floors, a beautiful stone fireplace and upgraded bathrooms. I miss chef Joe but the place is so very nice now.

Here is our appetizer, Stadium Nachos.

there was more than enough Nachos for four people on that plate. Dinner was very good and we have plenty for lunch tomorrow.

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