Photo-A-Day #551 10/11/06

They’re back! And I don’t mean Transformers. I mean “rub signs”. Rub Signs were a gimmick soon after Transformers came out in 1984. I have many Transformers that did not have rub signs on them. That means I got some that are quite old. This past week I saw the release of a highly anticipated line of Transformers (highly anticipated by me) called Transformers Classics. So far the line up is to include Optimus Prime (2 versions), Megatron (2 versions including a Nerf Gun homage), Bumblebee, Rodimus, Astrotrain, Grimlock, Jetfire, Mirage, Cliffjumper (Bumblebee Repaint), Ramjet, Ultra Magnus and Skywarp, Devastator (the constructicons back to their green and purple color scheme). I placed an order for Bumblebee, Grimlock and Rodimus through the Hasbro Toy Shop because they had a great sale going on. I will probably pick up all the ones I listed above except for Devastator (it is a repaint of some toys from the Energon line and is made up of 5 characters instead of six and it only used 3 molds, although as Devastator it does look pretty awesome.) I probably won’t get Astrotrain either. He just doesn’t thrill me as a toy. The train aspect was never really useful in the show either.

There are also a few new Transformers Altenators coming out. I like the Transformers Altenators line and have all of the ones that have been released in the US and quite a few from Japan. They are great to display and are very detailed but I love the Transformers Classics line for their simplicity and ease of transformation. Nothing so far has made me as excited about Transformers as these new toys. Well maybe the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, that thing is a childhood dream come true.

Late last week I did pick up Starscream. I have to say that this is one of my favorite Transformers toys that has come out in recent years. His transformation is so simple, his look is great and his mold leaves it open to get the rest of the seekers (Thundercraker, Skywarp, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet, and if they are smart SunStorm). Starscream was one of my favorite characters because you could not get rid of him. He gets killed off in almost every incarnation of the series and he continues to come back. And he was voiced by the same guy who did Cobra Commander’s voice in the G.I. Joe cartoon, Chris Latta. I can’t wait to see what he looks like in the Transformer’s live action movie on July 4th. Here are a few other pictures of the Starscream toy.

I guess I am excited about the Transformers today because I got my Botcon set of toys yesterday and found out that next year’s Botcon will be in Rhode Island. I just can’t wait. Next year is going to be so awesome for a Transformers fan. The movie on July 4th, Botcon on July 1, more Transformers Classics, a new cartoon series that will be created and produced in the us so the dialogue will actually make some sense. It is all very exciting. Also the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of Transformers the Movie will be out on November 7th. It has an amazing cover and so many special features. The comic books are doing very well and continue to be produced. Transformers are hot again. I’m going to enjoy it.

The Boston Globe has a Transformers article today. I found the article while writing this blog post too, what a coincidence, weird.

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